On this platform we offer to place various advertising banners.

We have prepared a simple list below so you can choose the best way to advertise on our platform.

All banners will be associated with the provided addresses for each mode.

Ours offer:

1) Single mode. One banner in a pop-up window, displayed to each user once a day.

Size in pixels: 1000x1500px

2) Duo mode. Two banners in the search section. The horizontal ad is displayed in rotation mode, and the vertical ad is displayed randomly.

Size in pixels: 950x230px

Size in pixels: 160x600px

3) Trio mode. One banner located in home page, and two banners in ads details page. All displayed in rotation mode.

Size in pixels: 300x200px

Size in pixels: 300x360px

Size in pixels: 160x580px

4) Mixed mode. Free configuration of the modes listed above: Single, Duo and Trio.

Please contact us by email to arrange the conditions.