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Sylwester Bogusiak

Passionate about programming, aquarium hobby and good s-f film. He develops his passions from an early age. The first adventure with the computer began with the eight-bit C-64. At the time when computers were entering our lives in the 1980s and 1990s, aquarium hobby had been around for many years and was quite well organized. Local aquarium stores had their regular customers. Domestic breeders prided themselves on breeding Angel fish, Sword tail fish and Gouramis. Back then, there was no such choice of equipment and species of fish and plants. However, the aquariums pleased the eye. I remember staring for long moments at my first 80 liter canister. Today, in the age of the Internet and all these technical innovations, both young and older people can get lost. Stationary stores compete with online retailers. I created this website to promote the aquarium hobby and all the treasures an aquarist needs: goldfish, fighters or guppies, floating plants or growing in the ground. Find here what you need. The website is directed to everyone who has or wants to have something in common with aquaristics, pond maintenance or even terraristics.



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